Sunday, August 22, 2010

Miley turns the big {terrible} 2!

Oh how the time flies! My baby is 2 already and embracing it in true red-headed style! Austin didn't get home until late on her birthday and so our party plans had to be put to another day. So we did the whole cake and ice cream thing and that's about it.

She's in panties almost full-time now and talking up a storm. She has this funny thing she does when she talks - she adds an 'a' to the end of words. She'll say 'hold-a me-a' or 'I-a want-a pop'. She also says a 't' sound for her 'c''s so 'Be Careful K' sounds more like 'Be-a Tareful Tay'.

She counts to 5 and loves to sing and dance with her big sister. She is NOT a fan of nursery (without me in there). She loves fruit and ahme (ice cream). She could eat corn on the cob every night and loves her eggs with Papo in the mornings. Her skin is so soft she still feels like a baby and her bum is the cutest thing ever! She loves to have her toes painted and has her favorite 'Purple BB' which translates to Pretty Blanket. She's just starting to love movies and will sit there with her eyes glued to the screen. Her prayers are the cutest and sweetest things you've ever heard. Tonight at dinner she said 'Tank you num-nums, tank you torn, Amen.'

I'm so thankful to have a mommy's girl. She's such a cutie!

{This was our impromptu birthday cake. We used cupcakes and decorated them to look like Tinkerbell's garden.}

{Hailey wrapped Miley's presents}

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