Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hailey's Birthday Cakes

So we took on the job of making princess cakes. We were going to make one big doll cake but the store we went to didn't have the big pan, only the little pan. We found these little dolls especially for cakes - they stop at the hip and have a pointy stick at the bottom. We searched for about a week online before deciding exactly how we wanted to decorate them. They turned out pretty cute. Next time I will make the icing differently. I used a buttercream which called for milk. It didn't set up quite the way I wanted but overall, they turned out better than expected. We just used a flat spatula for the bottom of each dress and a star tip for the top. We never did eat them.

Hailey turns 4!

Austin and Hailey are pros at winning this game.

Hailey turned 4 on Feb. 20th. I posted the pictures in the wrong order...oops. She was so excited for her birthday to come. She picked out this outfit a few days earlier and begged me everyday to wear it. The morning of her birthday Austin had to work. So he set everything out in the kitchen for her. He bought balloons and put them all over the stairs. She got a big girl bike with training wheels. She's a pro. I must say, it is so nice to be able to send a 4 year old outside to ride a bike in February, with NO snow. Anyways, the whole day was all about her. Thanks to Grandma Vickie and Papa Frank for the outfit and doggie set. Grandma and Grandpa Cooper - we'll get a thank you note in the mail one of these days. She still has her $2 and is saving it for something really special she says. Angie - we got the hats about a week ago. Hailey wears it everyday - even if it doesn't match. She loves it and it looks adorable on her. Ash n' Vuvvy - one of Hailey's plants is really taking off. We water it every day. I think the packet said to put about 5 seeds in...or 15. Aus and Hailey got a little carried away. Grandma and Grandpa Mason, thanks for the shirt and socks and pencil set, she loves it. Mommy Jean and Papa gave Hailey a wooden monster to paint. Hailey's favorite thing to do is tell scary stories. So the monster was very appropriate. Papo and Tata got Hailey a leotard and skirt, belts and a little laptop. That night we went to John's Incredible Pizza. It was like ChuckECheese on steroids. It's huge - we had a lot of fun. They have all sorts of rides and games. They even had a minuture bowling alley with little tiny lanes and little balls - just perfect for little kids. It was a really good day.