Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Girls

I was so behind getting our Christmas cards done this year so the pictures was very last minute but they turned out great. We couldn't fit very many pictures on the card so here's a few that I thought were fun.

Christmas Eve Happenings

Babies went to bed early tonight and I thought it was about time to get caught up. Christmas was a lot of fun this year. These are the {Prime} jingle bell singing, nice to naughty list and back again, Santa's watching you!, Is it Christmas yet?, How many days 'till Christmas?, cookie making, Is it Christmas yet? YEARS. Miley really didn't get it but Hailey was a hoot to watch.
One of our favorite family traditions is to make cookies for Santa. This year I decided to start a few days ahead of time. I made the dough one day. The next day I baked the cookies and got all of the frosting colors ready. We made Christmas trees and candy canes.So I'm not quite sure how it happened but I didn't get a single picture on Christmas Day. We started a new tradition this year. Because we're two states away from most of our family, we don't have much to do. The whole present who-ha is done in an hour or so and we have the rest of the day without much to do. So this year we went to a hotel. It was perfect. We had Christmas lunch and put Miley down for her nap. When she woke up we packed our bags and headed to the hotel (just a couple miles down the road.) We went swimming and were the only ones in there. Once the girls got nice and hungry we found a restaurant open for dinner. We went back to the hotel and the girls played and played with some of their new toys we let them pack along with us. Austin and I were able to watch some movies. It was really a ton of fun!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


You know you've raised a California girl when...
About a month ago Hailey came running into my room one morning saying 'mom, mom you have to come see this'. Well I thought the worst. I heard her and Miley playing and used some of that playtime to just lay in bed for a few extra minutes. I thought for sure Miley had done something unspeakable with her diaper but to my surprise, everything was intact when I walked into the room. Hailey was standing on a chair with the blinds pulled up and asked...
"Why is there soap on the ground?" So what was this mystery 'soap' on the ground? It would be SNOW! We've lived here for over 3 years and it has never snowed at our elevation. We can drive about 20 minutes up the pass towards Tahoe and there's feet of snow but never have we had snow on the ground here before. Hailey has been in snow before but I can understand why she was so confused. Of all things, she thought there were soap bubbles all over the back yard. We bundled up and went outside to play.

Snip Snip

We got Hailey's hair cut into an A-line. It looks so cute!