Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Utah Visit {June 16-20}

Hey Neilson Fam...I'll post this info on Austin's facebook too but here's some of the stuff planned for while we're there. Everyone's'll be fun to see all the cousins together!

Wednesday, June 16th = ZOO

Friday, June 18th = TOY STORY 3 ( I was thinking a PM showing so that all the boys could come too??? But not too late because we have pictures bright and early the next morning.)

Saturday, June 19th = Happy Birthday Brooke!!! Family Pictures in the morning and dinner at Boston's Pizza in Layton at 4:30. Reservations have been made. Then we can go back to mama Vick's house after.

We want to be able to come and visit everyone at their house too so I'll make specific plans with each of you...

We're EXCITED! And yes Ang - I remember what you look like:)

{Catchin' UP}

Easter feels like a lifetime ago and it's been that long since I've posted - so here goes a lengthy post. This year we went with our friends Kaylee and Jen to a golf course for an Easter egg hunt. It ended up being kind of lame because there were so many kids and not enough eggs. So a little disappointing...we're going to do our own egg hunt next year with only a few kids.

{My cute little bunnies}

{They had cages with a bunch of bunnies that the girls got to pet. There were white bunnies with reddish-pink eyes - FREAKY!}

We also did the offical egg decorating. We used a glitter kit this year. Note to self: you can't peel the shell off without getting glitter on the egg. We used some of the eggs for 7 layer salad for Sunday dinner and Tata gets so grossed out by the dyed eggs. You know how the color can stain the egg - she thinks they look rotten. What a dork!

Austin had Easter Sunday off and got to spend the day with us. The Easter Bunny hid most of the eggs outside and the girls had a blast finding them. Miley wanted to find an egg and eat whatever treat was inside before moving on. I don't know about anybody else but after a week of baskets hanging around collecting all sorts of junk they mysteriously have a way of disappearing. I'm not one who has a problem getting rid of stuff. I can buy a $2 basket again next year and then throw that one away. It works well for us.

{The tie-dye version}

{As Miley would say "Mmmm, dat's dood!}

{I wonder what it must feel like to be 18 months old, have no idea of who or what the Easter Bunny is and wake up to a yard full of candy filled eggs. This is the life!}

Hailey started ballet. It was a 6 week program with the city (they offer lots of these classes - they're great because we're not committed to something...we can test it out and sign up for more if we want...or in the case of gymnastics we learn that not all gifts are given to everyone:)

Life has gotten crazier because after a few months off, I started work again. I'm back at the LOFT. It's nice because I already know everything and most everybody I worked with before is still there so I came back to lots of friends that I missed a lot. I work about 4 nights a week so it really chops my days up. I like the fact that it makes me get ready and gives me an excuse to leave the house for a while but I'd rather be home...maybe someday.

Austin is still in the residency program for Placer County Fire. We're keeping the faith that something will pay off in the near future. (Near meaning within the next year or so). He works a 24 hour shift nearly every Sunday so the girls and I are usually late for church every week. We go and visit him sometimes and the girls love it. Hailey gets to sit in the Engine. The station that Austin has been working out of was a double-wide trailer that the county has had for 30 years. He wouldn't care if they worked out of a tent as long as he was a paid firefighter. The county bought a new property with an existing house on it. They've done lots of improvements and it turned out really great. Next time the girls and I go for a visit, we'll try to remember to take the camera with us. The area that the station covers it pretty much out in the country. This should mean a lot of grass fires this summer and a lot of experience for Austin so we're really grateful that he has an opportunity to be involved with this program. Keep your fingers crossed for him!

Hailey had her kindergarten assessment yesterday which helps the staff determine what teacher they assign to the student. I'm kind of freaked out about her starting school - let me explain...They have 2 different start times = 9:20 and 8:00 am. What?!? I didn't think I'd have to deal with 8 am start time until Jr. High. They do not allow you to chose or give preference to what start time you have. I am so scared we're going to end up with the 8 am start time. School in general is going to take some adjustments getting used to but this will be a trial for us if we have to start that early. So when I say I'm freakEd out about her starting school I don't mean the extra 3 hours I'll have with only 1 kid instead of 2 - I'm actually really EXCITED about that part. So we won't know until August.

We finally get to take a trip back to Utah in June. It will have been over 2 years since we've last had a visit. We have lots of new cousins to meet. We're going to have family pictures done and there will be 9 (I think) more grandkids this picture with one more baking in the oven - no not me! I'm going to do a separate post with a schedule of things we're doing so everyone can come along!

Miley says all sorts of stuff now. Some of her ramblings...

'Sowwy mommy' = sorry mommy

mmm, dat's dood! = mmm, that's good

tute! = cute

bawbie = barbie

dat's mine = that's mine

ahme = ice cream

Pepa = pizza

wice = rice


da-y = daddy

And for every nap she has to have her BB, Ba Ba and Bo Bo which translates to blanket, sippie and pillow.