Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Here comes the {Bride}...

Our good friends Chris & Athina got married in June. Another happy RC Willey couple. Tata (my mom in kid language) was the unoffical wedding planner and Hailey was the flower girl. Ash flew in from Utah. Our special project was the cupcakes. I'll let Athina share all of the special details of the day in her own words but here's some pictures of the beautiful day.

The beautiful bride...

My girls

The most beautiful flower girl!

The headband we made to match Hailey's flower dress. We can thank Amanda and her girls for the cute idea!

Ash found this really cool icing tip then added some ivory sprinkles...they were yummy!

Such a cute idea...{Candy Table}
Athina ordered blue candy to match the colors of her wedding. I'm definitely going to use this idea for something someday...Maybe Hailey's Sweet 16

There were little plastic bags so that everybody could take some goodies home.

We love Addie - such a good babysitter for the ceremony!

Custom vinyl monogram labels. I'm pretty sure you can get them at

Cuttin' a rug on the dance floor

Sunday, June 27, 2010


So our journey began with a very long car ride. Both girls did really well. Hailey watched movies on Austin's IPod and Miley had her own dvd player. We left at about 4 am and made it to SLC at 1:30.

{Our Car Ride - Day 1}

This was a fun moment! Miley screaming "All Done!" a couple hours into the trip.
And finally! Our favorite place to eat was waiting for us with open arms...
La Puente

Killing time in Lehi waiting for Ashley to get off work.

We spent a day and a half at Ash and Kev's house just hangin' out!
{Hogle Zoo - Day 3}

We thought this would be a fun place for Hailey & Miley to hang out with their cousins (and meet a few new ones!) The weather was great and we all got to catch up. Thanks Grandma Vickie and Papa Frank for our picnic lunch! Thanks everyone for taking the time to come with us!

Hailey & Ayrion

Checkin' out la cucaracha (forgive my espanol if it's mispelled)

Austin & Papa Frank

Maceton & Hailey

The new baby elephant

Miley, Mally Mo, Hailey & Kenna Benna

Dax & Hailey

Austin & Jaxon

Train Ride


The whole gang with one on the way.
There's 7 kids 2 and under. We were pretty much the main event.

Later that night we went to El Matador in Bountiful for dinner. KFAN radio happened to be there with the Jazz Bear. I'm bummed this picture turned out so blurry! The Bear tormented Hailey by rubbing paws all over her head and making her hair a mess! She and Miley both got a signed basketball. Go Jazz - well, next season.

Ashley, Preston, Presley & Evvah came to our hotel to swim. We swam for over 3 hours and figured the kids would be wiped out after a day of the zoo. Nope! Midnight comes and goes and the girls were still going strong playing on the bed. A huge thunderstorm rolled in and the power went out. We hung out in the dark for a while. Then Hailey said 'Mom, I wonder if anybody was in the elevators.' Yeah, that would have been scary!

{Day 4 - A little bit of EVERYTHING!}
But somehow managed to take a big goose egg in the picture department.
Amanda did my hair and my kids got to play with the Borchert kids. Then we went to grandma Vickie's and we hung out with Angie and her kids. Then we met up with Aaron and Brooke at LUCKY CHINA and headed out to see their new house. The triplets are adorable and doing really good. It was really fun to hang out with everybody one on one!
{Day 5 - Temple, Horses and Toy Story}
We went to Sconecutter for lunch and Hailey got herself this awesome 25 cent mustache. After lunch we went to Schmidt's Pastry for some eclair therapy. It makes me hungry just thinking about it! If you've never been, it's on 21st South heading up towards Sugar House. You gotta check it out!

We took a ride on a horse carriage around temple square. Not really worth the 50 bucks but oh well - the kids had fun.

I feel bad for whoever has to dump the poop sack at the end of the day. I'm just sayin'.

Temple Square

Families are Forever
The whole gang met up at Gateway to watch Toy Story 3...

Jacee & Mikabree

Best of Friends
We ate at Rumbi's and did a little shopping at Gateway before heading back to the hotel.
{Day 6 - Pictures, Dinner, Park & Goodbye}
We had much needed family pictures bright and early. There were 9 more grandkids (and do I need to mention one less adult?) than the last family picture so it was very much overdue. These pictures are the real ones - just a few we took while waiting for everyone to get there. Our colors were navy, yellow and white. It turned out really good.

Daddy's shirt was a joke so please don't think I really let him wear that for our pictures.
We met up at Boston's Pizza in Layton for dinner. We got to see EXTRA family which was fun! Karen & Craig and Cheryl & Megan were nice enough to come say hi. Afterwards we went to the park and hung out until it got dark. Then we had to say our goodbyes which is never fun. Miley still misses her Mally Mo!

{Day 7 - Headin' Home with a stop in Reno}
We decided to take the trip home in 2 days. We made it to Reno at about 4pm and checked in to the Grand Summit Sierra Hotel. Our room was really big and fancy. But once again I forgot the camera among other things (diapers). The parking lot is so big that it's worth the money to valet your car - which made it very difficult to go back to the car and get the things we needed. So needless to say, we did without the camera and we bought some REALLY expensive diapers at the gift shop. We tried to stay out of the smokey casino and headed off to the arcade. Then after dinner we went to the pool that was freezing cold and then ordered in desert to our room. It was a fun Father's Day! The next morning we slept in and took our time getting home and back to real life which ended up including boogers, puke and other unmentionables. It was really good to visit 'home' but California is HOME. It's hard to see what we're missing in Utah but it's also fun to be on our adventure. One more thing...I hate Utah drivers!