Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Valntine's Day Vinyl

I'm really excited how this heart ornament design turned out!

Austin's First Day

Austin leaving for his first day.
Getting ready to leave at 5 am. I was up with him making sure that he had everything. He's wearing his sweatshirt over his uniform because they can't wear their uniform outside of the academy. It has to be covered up - even when they're driving.

Recruit Neilson

Austin started the Fire Academy yesterday YEAH! He had quite the day and quite the weekend leading up to his first day. Saturday night all the recruits had to get together and figure out everything they needed to get before Monday morning. Everything has to be uniform. They have to have the same pens, bags, notebooks, socks, water bottles EVERYTHING! We were out until midnight on Saturday night going to 3 WalMarts to find everything he needed. I was busy all weekend military pressing his Class B uniforms. I even had to iron his PT (Physical Training) uniforms - running shorts, t-shirt, sweatshirt. So prettymuch, if I don't do a perfect job creating perfect seams - he gets his face ripped off by the drill instructors. No pressure!

To add to the anxiety of Monday morning coming around, Austin went to lace up his boots (yes, this all has to be done the same - there are 5 ways to lace his type of boots and they all had to get together and figure out how to do it) and he had a size 10 and a size 12. We didn't find this out until 7:00 Saturday night and of course the place doesn't open until 9am Monday morning. He had to be there at 5:30 am Monday. He just wore two different size shoes and I get the great pleasure of trying to get him new ones today.

So on top of working full time, he'll go to the academy M-Th and all day Saturday. It's going to be interesting around here but we're so excited. I've never really had much of a schedule with Hailey as far as bed time goes but believe me - I'm starting one tonight! Otherwise, I might go nuts! I love my girls more than anything but mom has had it by the end of the night. I guess I'm a single mom M-Th (because Austin goes to work way before we ever wake up and won't get home from school until at least 11 pm) and a working mom the other 3 days of the week. This time in our lives will be interesting but very exciting.

Monday was quite interesting for Austin. This is a military style academy so they must stand at attention all the time. They have to do all those funny turns and walk in unisen. Everyone's head has to be shaved and their faces have to be smooth. I guess there was one kid who decided not to shave his head and so the drill unstructors cut his hair with regular scissors. Austin said it was all choppy...I guess he learned his lesson.

Captain House is a pretty scary guy and pretty intimidating. He would surely make me cry. Anyways, there was one point where Captain House was picking people out of line and making them come up to him and he'd be all up in their face trying to knit pick at anything he could. He called Austin up and was right in his grill. Austin said he had a smile on his face and said 'I like you. You're going to do well here.' He asked Austin if he scared him and Aus said yes. Captain House also said that Austin looked overwhelmed and then dismissed him. Well then, that couldn't have gone better. Let's keep Austin on his good side!

Well, I keep on how things are going with the Academy. We are so proud of him!

Pics of our Chunkers

We cannot leave Miley alone without her being strapped in for even a second. She'll turn and roll right out of it. I've had her in her chair without being strapped in and turn my head for one second and turned back around to find her out of her chair. She's ready to crawl anyday now. She gets up on both kneeds and rocks back and forth. And rolling...sometimes she thinkgs she's a ball because she just keeps going. We'll put one of her favorite toys on the floor on the other side of the room and before you know it, she'll have it.

Don't feed babies solids until 6 months...

Yeah right! Miley has been eating cereal for 2 months now and I pretty much give her bites of anything soft. It would be torture to try and get her to eat just a bottle. She still takes a bottle a few times a day but loses interest pretty fast. She's mastered every kind of baby food (except green beans or peas because I just don't want to deal with that:)) and squaks at you everytime she sees you eating something. She's a begger and usually gets what she wants. Hailey and I went to Costa Vida (our semi-close version of Cafe Rio) yesterday for lunch and Miley loved the tortilla and rice. Our pediatrician said not to start solids until 6 months...okay.