Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Colorado Pics

Straggle muffin! We missed out on a little beauty sleep this morning.
It's hard to keep Miley contained so we fenced her in with suitcases.

20,000 feet
We had the funniest Southwest flight attendant. She said 'Are you guys flippin' excited to be
here because I'm flippin' excited and did a front flip at the front of the plane B4 take off. She said things like...'In case this flight turns into a cruise, take out your life vest from under the seat' and 'Adults, put your face mask on first and then your childrens - women put your's on and then your husband's and breathe like you've never breathed before.' She said there was a special smoking section out on the right wing and there was a feature film playing - Gone with the wind. She had us rolling the whole time!

More 4 Generation Photos

4 Generation Photos

So we (Hailey, Miley, Me and Tata) just got back from a trip to Colorado to visit Mommy Jean and Papa. The 4 of us left disgustingly early on a Saturday morning to make sure we had enough time to get us all through security. Good thing we did because I got the good old pat down at the airport. I had to take a bunch of food/snacks/formula in the diaper bag to keep the kids good on the airplane and that gave me a personal invitation to get to know one of the TSA's better than I'd like. Whew! We got through it and flew to Denver. Ash flew from Salt Lake and was waiting at our gate in Denver. Mommy Jean and Papa live in the southwest portion of Colorado so we rented a van and took the 5 hour drive down there.

I was so excited for Hailey to go because she hadn't been since she was about 6 months old and obviously had no memory of it. For me, it's my favorite place in the world to visit. It brings back all of the memories of when I was growing up and got to visit for a couple weeks every summer all by myself. We affectionately call the house the 'dome' because that's what it's shaped like. It has been through quite a few add-ons and changes but the front of the house still looks like a soccer ball. My room has always been the Murphy Bed room (bed that folds down from the wall) and Hailey thought that was the coolest thing she'd ever seen. She ended up sleeping with Mom and Ash every night because there was just more room.

It was a little different for me this trip because I don't think I've ever been to the dome in the Winter. South Fork was really quiet and our frequent trips to Rainbow - the local small town grocery store - there was never anybody there. It's funny because the grocery store is the same as I remember it when I was 10. Hailey loved it because it had carts that were just her size - not plastic ones - ones that looked just like big carts.

Sunday mom's brother's Terry and Sam and their wives Sharon and Blair came up to the dome for dinner. It was so fun seeing them. My cousin Devin also came up that afternoon with his little girl Sarah. It was the first time I met her and she is darling! It wasn't so long ago that my cousins and I would drive the Napa go-cart and four wheelers down the Del Norte parade in the summer time or sell snow cones for their boy scout troops and now we all have kids. It's kind of weird. I guess that's part of growing up. You remember somebody the way you last saw them and when you see them again you almost expect them to be unchanged. So seeing Devin again was like fast forwarding from high school 'till now.

Sometimes I feel like I don't say enough about Miley. She's just so dang good all the time. She and Mommy Jean had some really special time together. I just had a whole house full of baby sitters and I don't know who loved it, Mommy Jean or Miley. I don't think she cried or fussed one time because someone was always playing with her or holding her. She was a pro at army crawling before we went and had starting crawling on her hands and knees but she loved the dome and crawled all over the place. She pulls herself up on everything now-everything! The stinker always makes me so nervous because I'm always afraid she's gonna fall and get hurt. She climbs the stairs at home and I'm afraid she's gonna take a tumble. She's waiving now too. You tell her to say hi or bye and she waves. It's so stinkin' cute!

Monday we got the chance to have a 4 generation photo taken. I'll post some pictures from that.

My cousin Ryan and his wife and kids came up for a visit and then on Tuesday we went to Sam and Blair's house for dinner. It was yummy! Blair is the best cook.

While we were there Ash and Hailey hung out the whole time. Ash spent some special time with her and they did fun stuff together. They made cupcakes and decorated them with all sorts of different fun stuff. Ash got her ready, made her lunch, took her to Rainbow at least 3 times, made snow angels. We really had a good time.
Wednesday morning we headed out on our journey back to Denver. We left a few hours early because there was supposed to be a big storm move in and we wanted to get as far as we could before the snow hit. We managed to miss most of the snow and had an extra couple hours to stop and eat lunch and go the the outlet mall in Castlerock. It was really fun.

Thanks Mommy Jean and Papa for letting us come. Love you! And thanks Mom for taking us. La La Mo!