Friday, March 12, 2010

Chocolate {Mint} Cookies

These cookies are so good we've made them twice in the last couple of weeks. They're like a soft thin mint cookie. It makes a ton so make sure to have reasons to give them away. It makes about 60 cookies. ENJOY!

3/4 cup butter
1 1/2 cup brown sugar
2 Tablespoons water
2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips (I used milk chocolate one time and it worked great too!)
2 eggs
2 1/2 cups flour
1 1/4 tsp. baking soda
1/2 tsp. salt
1 package Andes Mints
Parchment Paper

In a large suace pan over low heat, cook butter, brown sugar and water until melted. Add chocolate chips. Stir until partially melted. Remove from heat and stir until all melted. Cool for 10 min. With mixer, add one egg at a time. Then add dry ingredients. Mix thoroughly. Chill dough about 2 hrs. Roll teaspoons of dough into balls. {I used a small cookie scoop and it was perfect!} Bake for 12-13 minutes at 350 on PARCHMENT PAPER. Remove from oven and immediately place 1/2 mint on each cookie. Allow to melt and swirl with the bottom of a spoon. Cool completely. Makes about 60 cookies.

My baby is 5

My little girl is now 5. I can hardly believe it. She has such a bright personality and is such a spawn of her dad. Her daddy is her world and she's learning how to be a sweet big sissy. We registered her for kindergarten a few days after her birthday which is so exciting for her. She is so excited to learn and meet new friends. For her birthday this year, she wanted to be with her best friend Kaylee. The two hung out and played until they passed out in the car driving Kaylee home. It was a fun day!
{At lunch @ Noodles & Co.}
If I had to have Mac & Cheese for lunch it was not going to be from a box!

{Hailey's contribution to the cake decorating. She got the back half of the cake}

{This Ariel cake was actually really easy! We used a bundt pan and left the cake on the inside of
the pan and it held Ariel perfectly. The icing was easy because it didn't have to be perfect and smooth. We used graham crackers for the sand}

{Goofin'} Off

I never have my camera with me when I need it but this night I did. We were at the party store searching for some goodies for Hailey's b-day party and came across these goofy glasses. Here's our family with some cheap entertainment.